• Obstetrics


Definition: Obstetrics is the specialty, which deals with the complete management and care of women who are pregnant. This means care and management of the mother and baby during the whole pregnancy, during childbirth and in the period immediately after delivery, resulting in a healthy mother and healthy baby.

Aim: The aim is a well-managed pregnancy, safe delivery and positive experience of pregnancy and labour for the mother

Consultant Dr Mrs Salma Kayani has 18 years of extensive training and experience from internationally recognised Top Teaching Hospitals of England in High-Risk Obstetrics.

Dr Mrs Salma Kayani is among the very few, who are certified MOET providers (Management of Obstetrics Emergency and Trauma) from UK, for 14 years (since 2002). This means that she is certified to competently and efficiently deal with life threatening and dangerous situations which can occur just before, during or immediately after the delivery. She is also certified to manage the recovery and resuscitation of the newborn baby.


In addition to the care of general Obstetric patients, Dr Mrs Salma Kayani has special expertise in the following conditions of pregnant women:

  • Pregnancy with High Blood Pressure
  • Pregnancy with Diabetes
  • Twin pregnancies
  • Pregnancies complicated with
    • Premature rupture of membranes (leaking of water around the baby many months before the due date)
    • Low birth weight (problems of poor growth of baby)
  • Recurrent miscarriage

Childbirth is a natural process, however, it bears many risks to the mother and to the baby. It has been accepted by the World Health Organisation that these days women are increasingly having caesarean sections by less skilled Obstetricians, which deprive mothers of the experience of natural childbirth and also expose mothers to many short term and long term risks of unnecessary caesarean sections.

Dr Salma Kayani has done extensive research on the subject of:

  • How to ensure that the woman has a maximum chance of having a vaginal delivery
  • How to have a safe normal delivery after one and even, after two caesarean sections

All this research of Dr Salma Kayani has been published in highly reputable international medical journals and Dr Salma Kayani is considered as an international expert in ‘Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section’.

With this extensive experience and expertise of Dr Salma Kayani,

  • Your chances of having a normal delivery are as high as 94% (most Obstetricians’ Normal Delivery rate is 65-70%)
  • Your chances of having a caesarean section are as low as 6%. (Most Obstetricians’ Caesarean Section rates are from 30-65%)

During labour, Dr Salma uses her highly specialised training, skills and expertise in safely performing:

  • Normal deliveries in your first pregnancies (this is the time when most mothers are subjected to their first caesarean section)
  • Normal deliveries after one caesarean section
  • Normal deliveries even after two caesarean sections - in carefully selected cases. Dr Salma discusses this with the patient during the antenatal consultations
  • Normal deliveries in twin pregnancies
  • Vaginal breech deliveries
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Presentations in International Meetings
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